Morgan Wallen Goes Through a Rough Breakup on “Days That End In Why”


By Chris Barilla | Distractify

When discussing majorly impactful young country stars at the moment, one cannot go without mentioning Morgan Wallen. Past controversy aside, it’s hard to deny the impact that the former The Voice competitor is currently having on the genre, bringing in millions of new fans with his catchy tunes and charismatic stage presence.

Thankfully for those fans, Morgan decided to drop a surprise sampler he titled “One Thing at a Time,” containing a handful of new tracks. One standout from that offering that fans seem to love is the song “Days That End In Why.” So, what exactly is the meaning of Morgan’s new song? Keep reading for a breakdown of its lyrics.

What is the meaning of Morgan Wallen’s new song “Days That End In Why”?

Like many of Morgan’s songs, “Days That End In Why” sees the country crooner grappling with the loss of someone he loves. In this particular case, it appears to be a relationship that has gone wrong. Morgan starts off the song by questioning himself and the situation as a whole, evident through the lines “Been playin’ twenty questions with twenty-four cans / 24/7 ’til I understand.”

He describes the feeling of sleeping in a “half-full bed” and how he “sent a prayer up for a helpin’ hand” that seemingly hasn’t been answered yet. Quickly transitioning into the chorus, Morgan details the moment that his lover left him, using the departure of her car to signify her overall departure from his life.

He sings “I know how a goodbye sounds when it’s pedal down in taillight glow / I know what she said and I won’t forget where she told me to go / But, hell, ever since them Goodyears pulled right out my dead grass drive,” before looping in the title of the track with the chorus’ final line: “It’s been nights that start with whiskey and days that end in ‘why.'”

Sauntering into the second verse, Morgan reflects on when his lover “finally threw in the towel.” He describes her only once in the track, using the words “makeup bag and her hand-me-down earrings,” but goes on to note that “she never felt the need / To tell me what I did, why she packed her things / And why she left me searchin’ at the bottom of this bourbon.”

After reprising the chorus, Morgan ventures into thoughts of how he can get this lost love back. He sings, “Whether it’s them ‘damn, I miss you’ Tuesdays / That keep me up all night / Or them ‘take me way back’ Wednesdays / That drift back through my mind,” it’s clear through his tone that he recognizes that relationship is over, but he still laments on how it all went down.

To close the song off, Morgan runs through the chorus for a third time, echoing its final line, “Aw, it’s been nights that start with whiskey and days that end in ‘why,'” to end it all on a somber note.

Be sure to check out “Days That End In Why” and the rest of Morgan’s “One Thing at a Time” sampler, available on all major streaming services now.