Morgan Wallen Puts The Mullet Back In Business


“Business in the front. Party in the back.” We all know the phrase used to describe the iconic hairdo, and it’s safe to say that 2019 is the year of mullet madness!

During a recent interview with Cody Alan, Morgan Wallen and Cody were “mullet bombed” by Midland’s Mark Wystrach. The singer pulled over during the interview to make a scene and show off his flowing locks before flashing a smile and giving a hearty wave.

“He said his mullet wasn’t inspired by mine, but I think he is lying.” Laughed Morgan.

Morgan’s “business in the front, party in the back” style, has caused some heads to turn, in fact, his mullet has made such a scene that the “Whiskey Glasses” singer is noticing an influx in fans showing up to his shows donning his look!

“There seems to be a growing mullet competition forming at your shows?” laughs Cody. “You are inspiring people. I saw on your Instagram all of these people at your shows looking exactly like you. The dudes are bringing the mullets! Have you looked out in the crowd and thought, “What have I started here?”

“They are dude! It’s awesome! It is definitely a thing, though. There are quite a few dudes that show up in cut-offs and mullets. Every single time.”

It’s good to have a brand, Morgan.