WATCH: Morgan Wallen Absolutely Shocks 6-Year-Old Fan with Surprise Appearance on SiriusXM


By Blake Ells

Jon Connor is six years old and he’s a huge Morgan Wallen fan. He’s gone viral on TikTok by covering a few tunes of the country music superstar. Jon visited The Highway on SiriusXM via video call to share his story with Storme Warren. He had no idea what was coming next.

Warren asked Connor, “What would be the coolest thing to happen to you right now?”

“Seeing Morgan Wallen,” the six-year-old replied.

Then, Warren invited Wallen into the frame. Watch the clip here.

“What’s going on, man?” Wallen introduced himself. Jon Connor was speechless. A woman – presumably Jon’s mother – tells Wallen that Jon is starstruck, to which he replies, “Shoot, me too.”

“He’s a bigger star than you are right now, right?” Warren chimed in.

“That’s what I’m saying!” Wallen added. “I heard you like to play baseball. That’s what I did when I was your age, too. What position you play?”

Connor tells Wallen that he plays second base. “You’d have been right beside me,” Wallen replied. “I played shortstop.”

The boy tells Wallen that he used to play shortstop and he assures him that if he was still around, Connor could have taken his spot. Still a bit short for words, Warren jumped in and suggested that Wallen give the kid some advice for his “career.”

“If it’s something that you’re serious about, keep your head on straight,” Wallen said as Warren laughed. “That’s really important, actually. The singing, man, if you love it, practice all you can. I had a mom like you who pushed me and helped me with my singing and threw me up on stage at church. If you get a chance to do talent contests, church, anything like that…go ahead and do it. I started doing it when I was three-years-old. Then I played baseball. I got obsessed with baseball about your age and I did that a whole lot. I always kinda kept music. If you love it, man, keep nurturing it. Keep showing it love the same way that it shows you love. I think you’re gonna do alright.”

Warren then asked Jon Connor to sing a song for Morgan Wallen. The boy asked for music, and Wallen volunteered to begin the lyrics a capella. Connor then took over and received a round of applause from his audience.

The interview with Wallen was a rare one, and he covered a lot of topics with Warren. Among them, he shared that when he won the ACM for Best Album earlier this year, he wrote the acceptance speech that morning.

“A lot of people around me are like, ‘Man, you’re a lot different than you were a year ago or whatever,’” he shared. “I’m glad to hear that because it’s not an accident.”